You breathe a sigh of relief to be seen as you are/who you are, while your body tenses in response to a whirlwind of sensations and your heart races in anticipation. Give yourself in to me, over to me, let go.

I especially seek those who desire to explore publicly, as well as privately. Close your eyes and envision: we are at dinner, wine tasting, or an art museum. I have an implement wrapped tightly around your cock, and I hold the control (in so many ways). You never know when I will press a button that will make you jump and gasp, moan and whimper. I lean in, whisper into your ear: “Are you ready to play, my pet? You’re in my hands now.”  If this makes your heart race, you would be a good candidate for my Public/Private session option.

An inexhaustive list of activities and kinks that I respond to with delight and creativity.

Latex & Leather


Rope Bondage


Teasing, Denial, Chastity, and Edging

Face-Sitting & Breath-Play

Leg Worship / Pantyhose / Nylon Worship

Encouraged Bisexuality

Feminization & Gender Play

Lesbian Cuckolding

Scissor Holds & Fantasy Wrestling

One-Sided Muay Thai / Boxing

Corporal Punishment & Impact Play

Ballbusting / CBT

Needles / Sharps


A list of my hard boundaries for both sessions and custom videos.

I do not offer Nudity
(Partial or Full) for Myself

I do not offer “Full Service” or
any other Illegal Activities

No Race Play
(Including Terms such as BBC)

I am not a Switch

No Excessive Blood

No Full Toilet Training (FTT)

No Arm Wrestling

No Competitive Wrestling

No Lift / Carry

Interested in an In-Person Session?

Fill in the details of your fantasy and I will get back to you within 72 hours with feedback and a pricing quote.

“Thank you for an amazing session. It was everything I’d hoped it would be and so much more.

The big thing I’m still trying to process is how safe I felt even during our session’s most extreme moments. I’ve never felt that level of intimacy with anyone else and it was an incredible feeling to experience.”

I can’t recall the last time I was able to surrender myself entirely to someone. It made me kind of emotional after I left.”

– Anonymous

I recommend that you read through the session information page so that you can ensure that my style of dominance is what you seek.

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