I have over 15 years experience in the industry. My time here has taken on a few iterations… all pointing towards standing in my power and presence. This evolution has given me a crystal clear sense of who I am as a Domina. I recognize what makes me intimidating: my strong body and keen intellect; the very things that make you weak in the knees. I know how to wrap my thighs around your body to make you break; I know how to weave my words around your mind to rebuild you into what I demand as your Domina, Andrea Rosu…

Ownership and submission have opened me up to a whole new world. Ownership gives me hope; it gives me purpose; it means honesty.

My submission gives me refuge to escape the cruel realities of the outside world and focus on this journey of elegant enlightenment.

I feel I can be myself without stigmas as I pledge allegiance to my Domina and become a slave to the magnificence.

– My Pantyhose Slut

I offer a multitude of ways to engage with me, explore my talents, and dive into your interests & possibly submission.
From a well stocked archive of my existing work, to a custom video of your fantasy or a dungeon session with me.

Custom & Archived


Professional Dominatrix