I have over 15 years experience in the industry. My time here has taken on a few iterations…all pointing towards standing in my power and presence. This evolution has given me a crystal clear sense of who I am as a Domina. I recognize what makes me intimidating: my strong body and keen intellect; the very things that make you weak in the knees. I know how to wrap my thighs around your body to make you break, how to weave my words around your mind to rebuild you into what I demand.

I become devilishly giddy when using my powerful body to submit you. My extensive background in weight training, boxing, muay thai, and ballet (you may or may not be surprised by how much I incorporate my ballet training into my practice) becomes very clear when I use my strength against you. However, my power doesn’t end there…but rather, I use my body to immobilize you and my mind to penetrate your psyche.

I am at the fulcrum of muscle and femdom. Envision yourself pinned down underneath me, seeing my biceps taut, thighs wrapped tightly like pythons seeking prey, my hair wildly cascading down… and that undeniable glint in my eye and devious smile on my face when I see that I have you right where I want you… right where you belong. This isn’t the end point. This is just the beginning of you letting go, giving yourself to me, and feeding my creative lust for sadism and tease.

Ultimately, I want to create a space where we both express who we are with genuine freedom. We are two sides of the same coin. I hold the intimate nature of our experience together with great reverence. Come to me to give in to your true nature without shame, judgement or fear (I will play with fear in other ways!).

I desire devotion from you, and I guide you into your submission. I ultimately seek fleshed out relationships (over an hour engagement). Our play becomes deeper, fuller, and more fulfilling for both of us when a relationship is built over time.

An inexhaustive list of activities and kinks that I respond to with delight and creativity.

If you have an interest that isn’t listed here, please ask me about it.

Latex & Leather


Rope Bondage


Teasing, Denial, Chastity, and Edging

Face-Sitting & Breath-Play

Leg Worship / Pantyhose / Nylon Worship

Encouraged Bisexuality

Feminization & Gender Play

Lesbian Cuckolding

Scissor Holds & Fantasy Wrestling

One-Sided Muay Thai / Boxing

Corporal Punishment & Impact Play

Ballbusting / CBT

Needles / Sharps


A list of my hard boundaries for both sessions and custom videos.

I do not offer Nudity
(Partial or Full) for Myself

I do not offer “Full Service” or
any other Illegal Activities

No Race Play
(Including Terms such as BBC)

I am not a Switch

No Excessive Blood

No Full Toilet Training (FTT)

No Arm Wrestling

No Competitive Wrestling

No Lift / Carry

You can make a good impression, and possibly even capture my attention by sending me a gift.